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In the enchanted plane of the Forgotten Realms, there was a charming and talented bard named Senoki. With flowing locks of golden hair, an air of nobility in his stride, and a voice that could enchant even the most stoic of hearts, Senoki believed he was the epitome of greatness. His talents knew no bounds, captivating audiences with his mesmerizing guitar melodies and bewitching songs.

As Senoki journeyed through the realm, he encountered many formidable foes, conquering them effortlessly with his swift moves and sharp wit. His reputation grew with every victory, women and men alike would swoon at the very sight of him. He truly believed he was the best thing that ever happened to the plane.

One day, while exploring, Senoki stumbled upon the Transdimmensional Passageway, a mysterious portal, filled with endless possibilities. Senoki, ever the adventurer, knew he had to claim this passageway for himself.

With his magic ring, a relic that granted him immense power, Senoki crowned himself King of the Passage. Soon his Castle walls were adorned with tapestries of spellbinding landscapes, his floors were paved with glistening gemstones, and the air was filled with enchanting music. It was a place of beauty, warmth, and peace.

However, Senoki's reign would not go unchallenged. For in the shadows lurked The Spymaster, a cunning and resourceful rival who sought to dethrone Senoki from his self-proclaimed throne. The Spymaster, an courtisan of secrets and manipulation, believed she knew everything there was to know about the Transdimensional Passageway.

It was not long before a rivalry erupted between Senoki the Great and The Spymaster. Senoki, armed with his charm and elegance, would face off against The Spymaster's calculated tactics. The realms would hold their breath, wondering who would be the true ruler of the passageway.

Each tried to outsmart the other, deploying their vast array of skills and tricks. Senoki filled the passage with his enchanting music, igniting the hearts of all who entered. The melody resonated through the ancient stones and penetrating the minds of men. The Spymaster, however, fought back with her own weapons of espionage, bringing shadows and whispers to disrupt Senoki's soothing melodies.

As their rivalry escalated, the realms became divided in their loyalties. Some were captivated by Senoki's regal nature and mesmerizing performances, while others were drawn to The Spymaster's mystique and intriguing secrets. To this day, those who join the revels of the Passage make their choices of who they tithe to.

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